the uk government proposes 49m investment for north east housing


The UK government proposes €49m investment for North East housing

Leeds-based digital marketing agency, Flaunt Digital, has expanded its service offerings with the launch of its video production service. Till now, Flaunt Digital offered content marketing, bought media, website development and more to its customers. With the launch of the production services, the firm has become one of the firsts in the Leeds City Region to offer video production service along with other services that it already offers.

Spanning 7,500 sq. ft. in space, the digital agency’s new production studio will be known as Flaunt Digital Studios which is located near Leeds city centre and boasts latest video production facilities which includes two large studios and various smaller studios along with other facilities. It will be operated by a team of camera operators and post-production specialists. The staff of the company is highly experienced having worked with brands such as Nike, Marks & Spencer and Protein World.

Flaunt Digital’s CEO, Lee Fuller said that the company is delighted to announce the launch of its video production service, Flaunt Digital Studios. He said that he has learnt a lot about the way the industry works as he has over a decade of industry experience working with a variety of digital agencies. He added that the company originally set up the business to create an environment that will encourage brilliant results, using its experience to decide exactly what it needed to make this happen. Fuller further said that one of the key things it noticed was the gap in the market for video. He said that from early on the company knew that video was going to be a key part of its service offering in the years to come and it is really exciting to finally get this part of the business going. Fuller said that it is an interesting time for the Flaunt team, coming off the back of a successful year where the company experienced record growth, adding that it had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients such as The New York Times and it hopes the launch of Flaunt Digital Studios will only open up more opportunities like this.

The firm’s studio flaunts latest video production equipment to support its new business. Some of the equipment available with the company includes 4K cameras, high-tech drones, 3-axis gimbals and studio lighting.

Lee added that one of the great things about video is that it can be used as the lead for the entire content marketing strategy. He added that one piece of video content can be repurposed across dozens of different platforms. From transcribing it for onsite blog to pulling out teasers for social media channels, the options really are endless.